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Halloween Tricking Session

What’s to do the weekend before Halloween?
TONIGHT @ 7:00 PM (Sat Oct 25th) we put the spotlight on our tricking community. Costumes will be out and we’ll be kicking, twisting, flipping and BATTLING on the spring floor.

Your Open Gym Pass or $15 gets you in the door to session on the floor!

anis cheurfa doing cool stuff

2014 Origins Summer Open: Parkour Competition + Freestyle Tournament

NOTE: Classes are CANCELLED on Sat. Aug 16th for this event!


The 2014 Origins Summer Open is slated for August 16th @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm! See where your skills take you on this year’s speed courses OR register for our freestyle competition!

REGISTER TO COMPETE in divisions for Men (Adult, U17, U15, U12) and Women (Adult, U15, U12)!

 [ — $30 to Register. Click here to Sign up — ]

SPECTATE for only $5!

[ — Click here to buy a ticket — ]


TODAY (Thurs. July 3) is the last day to buy bus tickets to Squamish! [Click here to buy a bus ticket!]


WHAT is going on?
Every summer, we hold host to a giant parkour party jam where all are invited. Whether you’ve never done parkour, or have been training for a decade, this event has been like Christmas for the local community year after year. Join us for our 8th PKBC summer jam — Facebook Event Link:

The best part is: it’s all free! This year, we’ll be heading up to Squamish for Day 1 and getting a chance to reconnect with and play in nature! A chartered bus will be taking us all to the Boulder Climbing Park + Shannon Falls, and then we head back for MORE parkour at the gym! On Sunday, we’ll be meeting at UBC for a giant group outdoor jam. Afterwards, a potluck BBQ at Jericho Beach will be held. Finally, the 2nd annual PKBC film festival will be screening submissions from the community, FREE for all to watch.

WHERE are we going?
Day 1. Saturday July 5th
10:30 am – Meet @ Origins Parkour
11:00 am – Depart on bus to Squamish
***We will be reserving a charter bus. If you would like to ride on the charter bus to Squamish, you can purchase a ticket at Origins Parkour. If necessary, we can book more than one bus, but you must purchase a ticket in advance to reserve a seat. $10 per seat. Covers round trip. DEADLINE: Thursday, July 3rd ***

5:00 pm – Depart on bus back to Vancouver
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm – FREE Open Gym & Challenges at Origins Parkour.
Day 2. Sunday July 6th
1:00 pm – Jam @UBC (Meet At Main Bus Loop)
5:00 pm – BBQ @ Jericho Beach
8:00 pm – Film Festival Origins Parkour

NAPC Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter logo

 [ Click Here to Go to our Kickstarter Project ]


The NAPC is still completely financed by Origins Parkour Facility and we have spared no expense. To take this year’s event to the next level we want more coverage! Isn’t it time to see a legit parkour competition with all the bells and whistles that come with a professional sporting event? If we can reach our goal we will be able to have multiple camera angles, live switchers, live commentary, and it will all be broadcasted live on the internet! Simply pledge $5 Dollars or more and you can view it just like a sporting event on pay per view!

This is an all-or-nothing campaign, but THE SHOW MUST GO ON! If we don’t reach our goal everyone gets their money back and we will do a single camera shoot just like last year! Next year the goal is to have sponsors for our broadcast. This is your chance to show the world that we want parkour events like the NAPC to be recognized just like other professional sporting events!


If we reach our goal the recording will be uploaded to be viewed for FREE after the live broadcast. If you pledge $5 Dollars or more you could be one of the few people to see it FIRST and LIVE!

North American Parkour Championships 2014

Once again, Origins Parkour will be hosting the North American Parkour Championships and this year, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. Athletes will be pitted against obstacle courses; each other; and in a really deep, philosophical way: themselves.

Tickets are officially on sale! Get them online for a quick seat, or race to the gym for our limited run of print tickets!


Limited Run Print Tickets

Parkour Fan Expo – Saturday, May 17th – 2:00 – 6:00 PM
Tickets are $10.00
Athletes will be talking to fans, signing autographs and selling team merchandise! Meet big names and discover new ones!

Competition – Sunday, May 18th – 5:00 PM (Doors open at 4)
Tickets are $20.00
Athletes from LA, Colorado, San Antonio, Mexico, Montreal and other cities will be competing to prove their skill, speed and style in different events all evening.

Get the Weekend Pass for $25.00 to attend BOTH days!


“Wait! What’s going on? What’s NAPC?”
Check out last year’s highlight video to get a taste of the action:


NAPC 2014:  Class and Open Gym will be cancelled May 16 – 18th (Friday – Sunday) for this event.
Come watch!

PKBC 8: Class and Open Gym will be cancelled July 5 & 6th (Sat – Sunday).
Join the party, RSVP on Facebook!

NIGHT OF MIGHT – Apr. 26 – Test your Skills!

Event Poster

So you’re pretty confident with your kongs. Some might even say you’re Kongfident.
But how big is it actually? How far can you stride? How high can you jump?
Come to our Skill Testing NIGHT OF MIGHT to lock down some exact numbers!

Please note that Parkour Level 3 & 4 and Open Gym will be cancelled for this event.

Ladies’ Night

UPDATE: This event has now RE-SCHEDULED for WEDNESDAYS, as of July 1st 2014. Open gym is now $5 for ladies on Wednesday evenings!

Free Open Gym for Ladies on Tuesdays @ 8:30 pm. Newcomers welcome! Girl Parkour

Join us for Ladies Night!  Women get FREE open gym!
A 15-20 minute directed skill workshop will be held by Coach Alyssa Serpa to give you some fun challenges to start with!
Be sure to arrive early! Newcomers are welcome!