Teen Summer Camps 2022

Ages 12 – 17. Our camps include skill lessons, games, and other activities that will help any young parkour practitioner grow their skills. Each day of camp is themed around a different area of parkour movement including: landing, vaulting, swinging, climbing and combos. Our coaches help bring campers into the fold of parkour culture, showing kids parkour videos from notable athletes around the world. When weather allows, the group will head out to local parks to practice parkour outdoors.

Whether a parkour beginner or a long time student of Origins, our camps have something for everyone.



PM | July 18th – July 22nd | 12:30pm – 3:30pm

PM | Aug 29th – Sept 2nd | 12:30pm – 3:30pm



Aug 8th – Aug 12th | 9:00am – 3:00pm

An absolute must for the young parkour athlete!
We are flying out several of the world’s best in parkour for you to meet and train with. Looking to level up? It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or the best kid in town, we will have extra coaches on staff all week long to make sure you’re practicing the skills you need!


Port Moody


PM | July 18th – July 22nd | 12:30pm – 3:30pm

PM | Aug 29th – Sept 2nd | 12:30pm – 3:30pm

A Week at Camp


We start off the first day and every other day of camp with ice-breaker games, so that campers can make friends and learn more about each other. Each day has a warm-up complete with basic locomotor skills and stretches. Before learning new moves each day we show videos of pro parkour athletes, so campers can gain inspiration

*NOTE: Activities differ for each age group. Teen camps are more skill focused.



Moves of the Day

Falling & Failing – Falls are inevitable in any activity. Before learning to succeed we teach campers how to fail! Experiencing falls using mats helps us react quicker should a real life fall ever occur.

Bounce Backs – Parkour practitioners can prepare to jump and land on walls safely by first learning how to jump and “kick” at walls. This is a skill known as a bounce back. Arming our students with bounce backs means they will learn how to put less effort in to a jump and “test it out” before committing 100%

Parkour Roll – Talk about a life skill! Many people needlessly injure their wrists and ankles, because they’ve never learned how to roll when they lose their balance. The parkour roll allows us to dive hands forward, but instead of trying to stop, we pull ourselves on to our shoulder, and roll back up to our feet.

Landing with Precision – A precision landing or “pre” for short is a movement specific only to parkour. We don’t just leap between walls, we control and stick our landings. A precision landing starts by landing on the ball of both feet. Landing on the ball of the foot gives us much more control than landing on the heel or the arch. This target for landing also makes for a softer and healthier contact. Next we bend from the hips and the knees creating 3 points of flexion (ankle, knees, and hips). A true precision landing is held like a statue to show off the control. Campers will gain this new technique and the pride that comes with it!

Cats, Cranes, & Plyos. Oh My! – Along with learning or further developing the Precision Landing, our campers will also experience a variety of other landing and jumping techniques, so that they can take on just about any obstacle.

Vaults 101 – A vault occurs anytime we have to jump and spring with our arms to get on or over a structure. At Origins we focus on 3 basic vault techniques:


“Lache to Wednesday” – A lache is a technique where a parkour athlete swings off of a bar. Campers will develop and learn techniques to swing and land safely. Origins Parkour has an iconic bars set up that most people can’t get enough of once they learn how to swing and play on it.

Run & Climb the Walls – Now that Campers have had some experience jumping and landing it’s time to take their skills to new heights. On this day we work on strategies to climb down from heights, and of course how to reach them!

Flow like Water – As the week progresses we combine movements in to courses and challenges throughout the gym. Campers are encouraged to perfect and take pride in their movement quality, and experience what we call Flow. A practitioner with good flow will make hard moves look easy and effortless, they will navigate routes only making the most necessary movements. This resembles water flowing over rocks in a stream.


Did someone say the Floor is Lava?
Origins Parkour is the best place for a game of lava tag. On Day 1 we bring out our modular “ground-level” equipment, so that we can play a safe, but still very exciting game with beginners.

Capture the Flag! – Another legendary event at Origins Summer Camps are our games of capture the flag. Campers make new friends and strategize with each other in the biggest obstacle course in Vancouver!

Sunken Ship! – Our ship has sunk in the middle of Origins Parkour. The only way to save ourselves is to work as a team using a bunch of random floating equipment. Good thing everyone knows how to balance and land with precision, so that we can jump and stride along the floating equipment!

Welcome to Camp Origins

In addition to all of this, our Campers will get full reign of our facility. During Open Practice times they can explore all of the structures, and hone their skills.

Camp Origins’ is a chance to freely express your body, conquer fears, and take a leap away from the ordinary.


We’ve love to hear from you. If you have any questions or want to sign up, feel free to call us at 604-558-1779 or fill in the contact form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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