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Our Parkour Classes are suitable for Kids Ages 7-12 at all levels of ability. Classes are split up in to groups based on band levels. A band is awarded when a student completes an exam consisting of specific movements and skills. If a class on the schedule includes something like “YELLOW+” in it’s title, this class is only for students who have a yellow band or greater.


In a typical class you will be introduced to unique skills, systems, and habits to grow better confidence and body awareness. Some of the specific movements you will become more proficient at include; but are not limited to: jumping, vaulting, landing, climbing, running, balancing, and swinging. A mountain is just a mountain, but to a mountaineer it is a challenge begging to be accepted. As a practitioner of parkour you will look at structures like staircases, railings, and walls the same way the mountaineer looks at the mountain. The wall will beg to be climbed, hung from, and launched off of. The railing will need to be jumped to, balanced on, and vaulted over. The staircase will no longer be about one step at a time, but how many steps you can jump.


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