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NAPC Kickstarter Campaign

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The NAPC is still completely financed by Origins Parkour Facility and we have spared no expense. To take this year’s event to the next level we want more coverage! Isn’t it time to see a legit parkour competition with all the bells and whistles that come with a professional sporting event? If we can reach our goal we will be able to have multiple camera angles, live switchers, live commentary, and it will all be broadcasted live on the internet! Simply pledge $5 Dollars or more and you can view it just like a sporting event on pay per view!

This is an all-or-nothing campaign, but THE SHOW MUST GO ON! If we don’t reach our goal everyone gets their money back and we will do a single camera shoot just like last year! Next year the goal is to have sponsors for our broadcast. This is your chance to show the world that we want parkour events like the NAPC to be recognized just like other professional sporting events!


If we reach our goal the recording will be uploaded to be viewed for FREE after the live broadcast. If you pledge $5 Dollars or more you could be one of the few people to see it FIRST and LIVE!