To a mountaineer, a mountain is more than just a pile of rocks – it’s a challenge waiting to be conquered. Similarly, parkour is a form of training and play that transforms everyday structures and environments into obstacles to be overcome using only your body.
In a parkour class, you’ll learn a range of techniques, systems, and habits that will increase your confidence and overall body awareness. You’ll become more adept at a variety of movements including jumping, vaulting, landing, climbing, running, balancing, and swinging. With practice, you’ll start to see the world around you in a whole new way, discovering opportunities for exploration and adventure in places you may never have thought possible. 


(Yellow Band and Up) Put your moves together and learn to flow over structures like water. Our coaches will guide you through a step by step breakdown of a course. Sometimes your coach will dictate movements to be performed in a sequence, whereas other times it may be left up to you to decide what will work within the restrictions they’ve outlined. Most of our members leave this class feeling like a smooth criminal.


(Yellow Band and Up) Go fast, but go at your own pace. A unique course is presented each week that will have boundaries and restrictions that you have to navigate – as fast as you can. Your coach will help you come up with strategies to suit your unique strengths and weaknesses. Our speed class is also a great place to meet new friends and cheer each other on! 


Parkour Classes are suitable for all levels of ability. Classes are split up into groups based on band levels. Certain bands also give you access to more advanced classes. A band is awarded when a student completes an exam consisting of specific movements and skills. 

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