2024 Origins Spring Classic

parkour competition for kids & adults

We love to throw fun events for our members like wacky themed competitions, game nights, jams, and BBQ’s. Of course we can’t forget about Origins being an annual host to the most prestigious parkour competition in the world – SPL, but it has been at least 5 years since we have hosted an open formal competition of our own. The Origins Spring Classic was an annual event we organized before 2020, and we are pleased to announce that we will be bringing back this yearly tradition.

The Spring Classic is for kids and adults with separate divisions for Men, Women, U13 youth and U17 youth. The event will mirror SPL competition formats in Skill, Speed, and Style categories.




Day 1 Open: Competitors will be tasked with completing 6 challenges separated throughout the playing field. They will have up to 20 minutes to complete all of the challenges. Each challenge must be performed using specified technique and execution. All competitors in a division will compete at the same time.

Day 2 Time Trial Final: Top competitors will move on to the time trial round. 5 Challenges will form a course, and each athlete will have only 2 minutes to attempt to complete all 5. Finalists will attempt the course alone while their fellow competitors wait in isolation. This is done, so that later competitors will not have a strategic advantage after watching others attempt the course.


Day 1 & 2 Speed Courses: On each day competitors will be shown a speed course, and given time to practice their route plan. The route of the course is dictated by a start gate, check points (flags), and a finish gate. The route must be completed in a specified order with check points (flags) being passed on the correct side. Red flags must stay to a competitors right, and Yellow flags must stay to a competitors left.


Day 1 Open: Competitors will be shown 3 separate zones on the playing field. In each zone they must come up with a trick combo. A combo is defined as 2 or 3 moves performed in rapid succession without extra steps or set ups in between them. Competitors will get two practice times throughout the day to prepare their combos.

Once the competition begins, all competitors will gather in the first zone and take turns performing their combos. After each competitor has taken a turn, a panel of judges will decide their ranking order based on their overall impression. Competitors will go in to the next round and take turns in reverse ranking order (1st place goes last). After this round the judges will repeat the same process. After the 3rd round the final rank order for the day will be announced with specific rank points awarded to competitors.

Day 2 Line Finals: Competitors will be shown one zone where they must come up with a freestyle line. Lines will be judged on difficulty, execution, and overall impression. Lines are defined by a series of movements connected together without pauses or breaks in momentum. Each competitor will perform their line once and have their score announced before the next competitor takes their turn.


The schedule is an estimation, and is subject to change pending the number of registered competitors in each category.



Style Practice 1

12:00pm – Mens, Womens, & Youth U17

12:30pm – Youth U13

Skill Showing

1:00pm – Womens & Youth U13

1:30pm – Mens & Youth U17

Speed Practice

1:00pm – Mens & Youth U17

1:30pm – Womens & Youth U13

SPEED Competition

2:00pm – Mens

2:15pm – Youth U13

2:30pm – Womens

2:45pm – Youth U17

SKILL Competition

Each division will have their own area.

3:30pm – Mens & Youth U13

4:15pm – Womens & Youth U17

Style Practice 2

4:45pm – 5:15pm Youth U13

5:15pm – 5:45pm Mens, Womens, & Youth U17

STYLE Competition

6:00pm – Youth U13

6:30pm – Mens

7:00pm – Womens

7:30pm – Youth U17

8:00pm – Day 1 End



Top competitors will compete on Sunday.

Style Practice 1

1:00pm – Mens, Womens, & Youth U17

1:30pm – Youth U13

Skill Showing

2:00pm – Womens & Youth U13

2:30pm – Mens & Youth U17

Speed Practice

2:00pm – Mens & Youth U17

2:30pm – Womens & Youth U13

SPEED Competition

3:00pm – Mens Final

3:15pm – Youth U13 Final

3:30pm – Womens Final

3:45pm – Youth U17 Final

SKILL Competition

4:00pm – Mens Final

4:30pm – Youth U13 Final

5:00pm – Womens Final

5:15pm – Youth U17 Final

Style Practice 2

5:30pm – 5:45pm Youth U13

5:45pm – 6:00pm Mens, Womens, & Youth U17

STYLE Competition

6:00pm – Youth U13

6:20pm – Mens

6:40pm – Womens

7:00pm – Youth U17


7:30pm – Awards

8:00pm – Event end








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