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Where Can I do Parkour in the Rain?

Hey Vancouver,   We are ankle deep in to the rainy months, and many of you may be having trouble getting to the gym because of, yah know, that thing…   Vancouver has an almost two decade old parkour scene, and it just so happens that before opening the gym...

Weekly Origins Method (WOM)

Have you been keeping up with our Weekly Origins Method videos?

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2015 Spring Classic Highlights

Highlights from last year’s Open Competition.
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Edited by: Julian Bafaro
Song: Big L – Put it On

Ep. 22 – Res Talks – Max Output Training


Check out episode 7 for more information on why you should be doing maximal output training for all the fundamental movements in parkour.…

Try to do 8 – 10 max output kongs on to mats or other soft surfaces. Then move on to a dive kong or kong precision that represents 80 – 90% of your ability and practice it for an additional 5 – 10 reps.

To get the most out of this make sure you put as much power as possible in to your max output kong. The technical set up afterwards should be submaximal enough that you can add other techniques and create a line/combo out of it.

Try this and let me know in the comments if it helped!