How to get the Yellow Band at Origins Parkour

If you’re venturing into the world of Origins Parkour and aiming for that coveted yellow band level, understanding the foundational moves is essential. In a recent YouTube video, we outlined the key components and requirements for achieving the yellow band level, shedding light on the fundamentals that pave the way for more advanced skills.

The video stresses the importance of grasping the basics not just for passing the exam, but for building a solid foundation for future progression. Even seemingly simple moves carry significance, emphasizing the necessity of understanding their mechanics to prevent confusion and minimize risks as you advance.

Here’s a breakdown of some crucial points covered in the video:

  1. Precision Jump: Balance and control is paramount, with no more than half of your foot allowed over the edge.

  2. Shoulder Roll: Mastery lies in executing a smooth roll, controlling the pull of your shoulder to the ground and transitioning onto the opposite hip.

  3. Crane Landing (Slanted Wall): No more than half of your upper foot over the edge, with both feet landing at about the same time.

  4. Cat Leap: Land feet-first and hold on to demonstrate control.

  5. Kong Up: Ensure that you push through your hands to land on top with your legs passing between your arms.

  6. Step Vault: Utilize your foot on the wall to propel yourself forward, aiming for a one-footed landing.

  7. Step Slide: Distinguishable from Step Vault, use your other hand to push off the wall for a smooth transition.

  8. Cat Hang: Hold for 10 seconds while pushing your feet into the wall for stability.

  9. Lache 180: Focus on control rather than an exaggerated swing, executing a smooth turn and spotting your landing.

  10. Underbar: Maintain proper form by arching your hips to prevent dropping down.

  11. Support Hold: Demonstrate your strength by holding your weight on the wall using only your arms for 10 seconds.

By honing these skills, you’ll not only ace your yellow band test but also lay a solid groundwork for future progression in Origins Parkour. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep refining your techniques and pushing your boundaries. Good luck on your journey to mastering Origins Parkour!

Band exams are at the end of every month. When you are feeling ready, register online or in person.

Watch the video below!