Where Can I do Parkour in the Rain?

Hey Vancouver,


We are ankle deep in to the rainy months, and many of you may be having trouble getting to the gym because of, yah know, that thing…


Vancouver has an almost two decade old parkour scene, and it just so happens that before opening the gym we had a number of spots we frequented. The Street Team made a video of a rain session we had in the Summer. In this video you’ll see 3 locations that are all conveniently within steps of each other in the heart of Downtown Vancouver!


I can’t divulge the exact addresses, but if you meander around in this area you should be able to find all 3 locations in the video.


Doing Parkour on private buildings during closed business hours not your thing? Well there is another great dry spot not featured in this video. Coopers’ Park is located under the Cambie Street Bridge on the North (Downtown) side. It’s a great place for all ages. The park features various types of benches with jumpable distances. The short concrete walls are perfect for learning vaults or practicing challenges and flow connections. There is also a super long railing great for balance training, and 3 smaller sets of rails good for vaulting and threading. The majority of the playground section has a very soft rubber floor suitable for practicing flips, rolls, and other acrobatic skills. The playground itself can also be used for jumps, vaults, under-bars, dynos, laches, and strides. If you’re creative enough you can basically do anything here.

These are some of the amazing covered-outdoor parkour spots Vancouver has to offer. The city (and maybe your own neighbourhood) is filled with numerous other little hidden gems. Parking garages, under awnings, transit stops, and so much more can be used for micro parkour challenges. Don’t be too shy to use a sturdy piece of architecture to challenge yourself. You’ll be happy you did 🙂


Be safe, be focused, and advance with precision.